After meeting in college, Ryan and Jordan bonded over common interests and ideas. Two years later, they ran together on the same ticket as President and Vice President, only to be cruelly robbed by the powers that be. It was this betrayal that led them down a rabbit hole of cover-ups and conspiracies resulting, finally, in the truth: the government is hiding the coming apocalypse, and they don't want you to survive.

Nah, j/k. In truth, we're just two friends looking to survive the end of the world.

Far too often in the world of prepping, you're left listening to some madman ranting in his basement about how the government is conspiring to kill your family or turn the frogs gay. Those hosts rarely offer you any type of advice or practical planning.

Survival preps, for us, are really fun. It's an action movie you get to play out in your head, and you're the main star. We don't truly expect the world to end, but there are plenty of real-life, everyday disasters that can cause some serious headaches for you and yours. If you get to pretend you're preparing to rebuild civilization in the process, why not.

We don't claim to be experts, but we hope we can teach you something along the way.


Ryan and Jordan