Episode #7 — Prepper Bois Checklist Part 1


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It's episode number 7! Today the Bois fight off snakes, get afraid of John Bolton, and finally unveil the Perpper Bois Checklist! Remember to download the checklist for free at www.prepperbois.com! And for fucks sake, review us on iTunes!!!

Episode #6 — Growing Indoors


On this very new and exciting episode of the Prepper Bois Podcast, the bois talk about growing food indoors, Jordan's distrust of North Korea, and we have a special guest interview! Prepper Bois!

Episode #5 — Canning


PREPPER BOIS! Episode #5! This week the boys talk about North Korea calming down, their first semi-sponsor, and Jordan confuses Ryan when it comes to canning food.