Episode #4 — Food and Water


We're b-b-b-back with episode number 4! This time around we found out Ryan loves America, Jordan is a rebel, and what food and water supplies you should have on hand.

Episode #3 — Planning Ahead


Hey there widdle baby wabies. It's time to start thinking about your plans. In this episode, the boys go over their initial plans in the event of a nuclear attack, our plans for financing a bunker, and why Jordan's parents won't stop poking Ryan on Facebook.

Episode #2 — Starting Your Preps


Alllllrrriiiiighhhhhttttt... Episode #2. This time 'round we're talking about starting a prep kit, specifically the items we need most. We also talk about the gun protests, food shortages, and which item we think will be the most valuable when the world is thrown into chaos.

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